Kanye West

Here is the truth.

I had prayed that you were the false prophet.

I had prayed that Trump was the beast.

While in captivity

I prayed, and I said,

“Isis would come,

“To show itself the power

“Of the pagans

“To be consolidated by the enemies.”


The next day, Isis was born.

I had prayed this prayer…


Also, in a vision,

I had spoken to Ramsey

And told him I would say the most absurd things

In order to frustrate him.


If you are a Christian,

Please forgive me.

But, from the beginning

Before this was,

I had said I would say absurdities to frustrate.

He can even attest to it.


And seeing the most absurd things I have spoken came true

And seeing the enemies are getting closer to being exposed

Let there be peace between us.

For I had only spoken error

To expose the LORD’s enemies.

It is what I had told Ramsey

And I do not repent

If it means these wicked foes were caught.


Jesus Christ is Come in the Flesh.

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