Ashen Prospers

The following is a criticism of Fascism.


Great feasts dawn the banquet halls;

Pulled pork, roastlings,

Succulent beef and lamb stews;

Hummus, corn and olives

Mashed yams and potatoes.


Greater is the entertainment

The halls of Bach and Handel

Agnus Dei and Billie Eilish;

The most fantastic reveries

Soft skin and paramours.

A bank filled.


It may even be that this continues on for eternity.

Meanwhile Kings and Courtiers strip away the rights of poets

The rights of Whistle-blowers who see rampant evils.

War could send young men across the seas

To die… bombs could level cities.

Yet the sumptuous feasts keep the people happy.

It keeps the Courts in power

Whom the men and women know nothing about.


Men eat. Women lay down upon their backs.

Children engross themselves with violence.

The poets, though, the poets cannot sing.

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