The Beauty of Unreal

In this— there is a hyper-realistic eye.

This is a technique developed in the 1980s,

And is now being popularized;

It is even in its Van Gogh phase.


However, the beauty isn’t in the eye.

It’s in the figure at the center of the eye.

It looks like one of Michelangelo’s figures

In the Sistine Chapel.


That body—disproportionate

In all regard unrealistic—

Is one of the most beautiful shapes

A painter has ever drawn.

For no understood reason

This form is far more beautiful—

More neutered of sexual appetite—

Therefore, with all regards,

It is far more beautiful than the eye

In the painting itself.


The blend of the real—

In this case, it is a perfectly realistic

Looking unreal, even more than surreal—

With this fantasy,

Is what I was waiting for.


With all frankness

There are more beautiful eyes

Being done.

But it is the figure in the eye…

That which is unrealistic…

Which truly captures—

And calls to mind—

The true aesthetic of art.

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