Of Theodore Marmaduke, Canto IV – In a Rare Meter

Olden the Earth    Old and errlorn

Men built towns tall     Tours to triumphs.

A million times’     Gilgal’s mad flood-

-Fire fell upon      Forsaken earth.


Two pure prophets     Awoke to parch

The Godless rakes     Upon God’s earth.

At each flood-fire     Was epoch’s tide

To which Giants      Gnashed our good earth.

They lied lewd laws      Gross sciences

So came the called     Two prophets keen.

Their wives one flesh     Their woes one fight.


Bromdun was not     Born to be these.

But, Bromdun sung     For these two seers.

When Sheshack felled     Bromdun’s Hopeshore

Bromdun waivered     For a wife’s breast.

Bromdun was not     But pretendt he

So to give ease      To his friend Zeek.

For Sheshak was     Good, to wan Sheikhs.


Zeek and Jerome’s       Joyful tide zoomed.

Bromdun did wan       To be Cyrus

So pale and fraught     That he failed poor.


He feared, fraught, foes      Forbore him, weak

And feeble. Fie      He did, for feigns.

But to be used    By God he prayed

To be used great    In some good way.


Marmaduke was     The Mad Moabite

Who made Ashur    Fall upon all.

For Marmaduke,   Ephraim’s Might

Sent men by poor     Bromdun’s poor prayers

To pillage the      Place Bromdun loved.

To give creed to    His crass visions

And drive him mad      Though Sheshak did

Get wroth, for was     What Bromdun was

To do with life.      Weak, listless, lied

But Bromdun was      A sinner, bad

No less or more     Mad or lewd than

Andrew, Jude, or    Cyrus’ alms.


For all men sin,     Some greater. All

Men sin less in     Mind than in thought.

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