Of Theodore Marmaduke, Canto VII

Bromdun was a bad man.      A bad man, brutish, until broken

For his brutality in baffling youth.      A bull found him with no backbone.

That bull a bylaw,      Borne to belittle bestial men,

Belittled Bromdun for a sin     Bygone in his bashful youth.


The Bull allowed Theodore Marmaduke     To build an empire with brick

Hewn from fun and fantasy.     Fun and fantasy fueled the Bull

To break Bromdun,      To build more bulls

Meant to bring Bromdun to nothing.    Theodore Marmaduke came

As Medea to Bromdun at this time     To break Bromdun with malignity.

For fun and fantasy fueled      To fraught every man to ever be close to every woman.

Fraught was every man      Because fun and fantasy

Were the fuel.      Men and women could feign fun and fantasy

But because of fun and fantasy    Men and women could not forge faithful bonds.

For the fear of all men     Was the friendship of  women.

For the sin of men      Was so common, yet led men to flinch

When getting close to the      Good hearts of their women-kine.


Theodore Marmaduke,     A potion mistress,

She spun secret webs      To seclude Bromdun in sloth.

Soon, the other Bulls,      Daughters of the Bull

Began to lay siege      To Bromdun’s home country.

Medea—who will show       sure at the climax—

Was Theodore Marmaduke      Spun by a witch’s brew

To become a female force.    Forged lies, to foment fierce fear—

Begat Theodore Marmaduke     Woven Bulls to break

The United States which     Bromdun resided under.

The courts were cornered      To create in men cowardice

Against women who were      Won by summary fee;

For marriage was marred     Thus the women mourned

So Theodore Marmaduke,     In a woman’s skin,

Besieged the high courts     And sought to kill the prophets.


He sent his bulls to the four corners      Of the courtlands

Where civilization had its      Just secrets to cement

The woes of the wages    Of the Unjust whore-mongers.

Yet, Bromdun, like the Good Man     Was a Joseph, manly and good.

So that Theodore Marmaduke    Enamored by the mastery

Of his craft, went against Bromdun     To weave a spell so arcane and woeful

To spin him  a great waste      And name him a sinner worst.

Yet, Bromdun followed the bulls,      Like Jeremiah Babylon,

He did not fight.


The bulls brought brokenness to the kingdom     Bereft of bright futures.

All men were guilty of the gaff    Which Bromdun had galled.

So, as it were,      The waste brought all men’s faces wanness

As Theodore Marmaduke     Sought to bring assimilation

Of the Amazon’s Government      Where men, disavowed, were gored

To great disgust,      Broken by the warrior Giantess Amazons.


Theodore Marmaduke had     Spun hellish kingdoms

With the Bulls he bore     So that the kingdoms of States Betrothed

By the righteous betrothal of      Revolution brought righteous reign

To bear and happiness to men.    Yet, Theodore Marmaduke

Was hoary, and was named “Athena”     Wisest of the gods of America.

Yet, not a god was he.     He was a goad to make himself

All the kings at once caught      In a net most nefarious.

Bromdun, he even sought,      To seek that Bromdun was that king

So Marmaduke would loose his curse     Kill Bromdun, so therefore he would live.

Yet, Bromdun could bear,      That Theodore Marmaduke’s bull

Was breaking the country.     All men guilty, betrothed that country

Was beginning to seek divorce.     For if not Bromdun’s disgrace

’twas their own.

So Bromdun sat, idly spinning tales

For none would have his work.


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