Racism is Dead

How I long for the day.

I want to call black people’s skin Cocoa.

I like Cocoa.

Ebony is pretty.


I want Loony Tunes to not be racist.

I want the public to see

The tall brows of the whites.

The stereotypes of them.

But, instead they see the black faces.

That is more racist, to me

That everyone calls one stereotype racist

And another they don’t call racist.


How many poems have been written on this on the internet?

Not enough…

Frankly, I see white people the way blacks do.

I can’t help but see their tall foreheads

And their parenthesis shaped eyebrows.

I can’t help but notice they all look the same

In some shape or way.

John Wayne looks like Elvis

Who looks like Johnny Cash

Who looks like a thousand other actors.

And those actors are made fun of in the Loony Tunes

With their stereotypes. I see it…

Trust me, I do.


But, to be black is racist.

It’s racist to have skin color.

If there was one thing I wished

It was for everybody to go on YouTube

And look at Harvard’s campus.

There is more diversity there

Than ever.


Let’s let the past be the past.

Black, white, yellow, red, blue,

Yes, there are blue people,

Let’s just forget this thing

And see it as eye or hair color.

As, when it’s like that

And we can be honest about it

Without getting offended…

Then I’ll say I did my part

In helping create that atmosphere.


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