Planetary Idyllic I, Tanka Form

Sapphire mountains,

Transparent, tall, near Rigel,

An Orion star.

Tall, snow caps the blue, Opaque

Peak. Sunsail barges fly high.


Hexagon sails plume.

Mirrors, Guided by Rigel’s.

Blue light. Beneath is

A plantation. Cotton grows

A blue light’s soft glow illumines.


The grass is emerald

This moon circles a Saturn

Shaped gas giant’s ring.

The color of red violet

The color of indigo.


It hangs above the

Sapphire mountain; its peak

Juts in the planet’s

Center, a blue lightning bolt

Streaks across the Gas Giant’s


Circle. Buggies thresh,

Manually pulled by horses.

Mows cornstalks and wheat

With the jagged peaks tall there

Behind, in the foreground’s wheat.


A starship breaches

The atmosphere strong, Held Mid-

Air by Gravitons.

The starship lands, soft, it’s hull

Opens, a warehouse inside.


The craft is fueled by

Antimatter— The one force

That can power the

Famed Faster than Light Travel.

Men come off the ship, transfer


Goods both to and fro.

Corn, Cotton and Wheat go in.

Along with some mined

Sapphire— Why not, right? Steel,

Wood and spice offload. Workers


Exchange Pleasantries,

Affable  “How-do-ya-dos”

The craft then lifts up.

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