I Know What a Fallacy Is

I know what a fallacy is.

Do you know what a fact is?


In logic, there’d be an infinite regress of deductions

Without evidence.


On this evidence I base my belief in God.

Morals. Because men can’t create them.

Language. Because two people do find truth without knowing each other.

Miracles. Because impossible things do happen.

Evil. Because it exists. You don’t get to determine what it is or isn’t.

Good. Because it exists. You also don’t get to determine what it is or isn’t.

Pleasure. Because it exists. But it is the root of all evil, and how you obtain it is paramount to who you are as a human being.

Judgment. There must be something that holds bad people accountable, and rewards good people.

Chance. Evil people can live their whole lives, and be happy. Good people can live their whole lives, and be miserable. Often this is the case. Someone must hold them accountable.

Nature. Orion has a sling. Cassiopeia looks like a virgin. The Summer Triangle has a cross, an arrow that points to that cross, and an old man pointing to the arrow. Birds fly. Fish breath under water. Animals can look exactly like a leaf—if you think natural selection can do that, you’re crazy.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Self Control, Faithfulness, Goodness: This is good.

What harms someone cannot be determined by you, because often you hurt people without even realizing it.


It’s obvious to me that this all proves God’s existence. Where is it, now that the culture does not believe in Him?


There are no morals. Moral relativism.

Language is incomprehensible. Because you’re a fool.

Miracles don’t exist. Because you’re blind.

Evil is relative.

So is Good.

Pleasure is all that matters in life.

There is no judgment.

Chance determined everything. So what prevents you from being evil?

Nature will be gone some day, so you’ll never see it as a proof.

Love, Joy and Peace are just chemicals. Kindness is weakness. Gentleness is weakness. Self Control is arrogant. Faithfulness is imprudent. Goodness doesn’t exist.

Harm… There are a lot of things that you say, “Won’t hurt anyone.” They do.


I’ve tasted your values. It’s disgusting.


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