American Mythology

When a youth, we’re taught a lie.

George Washington’s only was cutting down a tree.

We’re told a lie, that Lincoln was honest

And walked five miles to give back a hey-penny.


We’re taught the three primary colors

Which we can smear, and make red, green, blue,

Orange, purple and yellow.

We’re taught that Columbus discovered our lands

That he sailed, and tried to prove the world was round.


When grown men we’re taught it’s not true.

Washington lied, and so have you.

Columbus was a fool, who murdered men;

The Fourth of July the Civil War did not end.


My friends, on July 3rd, the rebels were beaten.

My friends, on July 4th, Gettysburg was won.

Gettysburg, which would win the slaves their freedom.


It is a myth, and like all good ones

Are to teach us that lies are bad when done.

But, if a child were to know the truth

Knowing Columbus was a murderer

The child would grow a fool.

For to be curious is the great truth

That Columbus is to be lauded in our youth.

As a grown man, we are to see

Him with skeptic’s eyes, and not be like he.

Thomas Edison tried and tried

To invent the light-bulb

This is not a lie.

But Nikola Tesla

We learn when old

Was a better man

Who more can be told.


Growing up, an education’s job

Is to teach us the basics

But then reveal the shod.

That these men in history were not perfect men.

No, they were not, but were often wicked gents.

For an education is not to rebel

Against the foundations of those truths we could tell.

Washington did, in fact, say he would not be king.

Franklin did in fact discover electricity.


However, these figures are not our religion

They are rather a part of our strong education.

To be taught these little, mythological truths

Give men an example with which to prove

Themselves better than our past’s evil deeds.

For when our heroes are broken

You can say, “Now, be better than he.”


Yet, one last thing I do here say:

The fourth of July is our nation’s sacred holiday.

The slaves were given their right to be free.

The colonists as well, were freed from tyranny.

An exact date, it does not matter at all.

But, let one more myth be the Gettysburg address

Was not said in the fall.


Let it not be to torment men

That when they do not know this

They are a wicked gent.

But rather, with serenity

Give them the truth, and say

“But the things you learned were rightly

“Told to you to make you good.

“They were honest fables

“To tell how you should

“Live your life.

“For when taught the truth

“At that young age

“You’re taught about war’s violent rage.

“Gore, and guts, and violent things,

“These kinds of tales will cause bad dreams.

“No, as the child grows, weaned off the milk

“He learns, also, that David the King did have a man killed.

“Such is the way of our heroic men.

“Great men we emulate what made them great men.

“What was ill and broke in their often troublesome lives

“These to children, we will surely hide.

“And then, when mature, they can learn the truth

“That yes they were broken, but so are you.

“This way you can feel a part of this way

“That great men had often lost their ways

“But so have you, and these men have fame.

“That a good man is not perfect,

“A friend I hope will learn that one day.”

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