The Rejected Stone

When Prometheus set to create fire

To forge into the nether the constructs of Grecian fire,

That fire called democracy,

His final blasphemy toward his God in Heaven,

The Masons who built,

Brick by brick,

The democracy we know today

Set forth, laying a foundation of stone,

But one stone they threw aside.

They looked at the awkwardly placed stone

And said, “It has no business in our pile,”

So they threw it aside

And set forth with guns and blood

To build their nation.


Soon, the nation was won in combatant at arms

But it was seen that men were wild and fanatic.

There was nothing which could,


Give man the ability to rule himself.

Thus, they looked quietly at the corner stone

Awkward, but on the bridge they had built

It would fit perfectly.

It, a polyhedron,

With awkward seven sides

And three facades,

There was a place where it would fit perfectly.


Prometheus raged that this corner stone was needed

To build the Grecian Fire.

He raged, he flung for his weapons

To burst down the bridge,

But the founders took irons and clamped him

Sending him into the furnace abyss.

For the corner stone was Christ,

And the founders saw it was acceptable,

And the chief of corner stones.



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