Writer’s Headache

When you have writer’s block

You have to push.

Stories do not come,

Push through the psychical pain.

It is pain, is it not?

Yes, it is pain.

That is the work of storytelling,

Pushing through the pain of the writer’s headache.

Tapped out of material

One must—to be a professional—

Push through that headache,

Dulling, and acrid in the frontal lobe.

What insanity will it reap?

What great mystery will it unravel?


Push through the pain.

Writer’s block, to me,

Is a headache.

It always comes, pushing like a dull, numbing pain

On my frontal lobe.

Pushing, painful,



Push hard enough, and a new story will be forged.

A new horizon will be reached.

Push, and it will be reached.

It will be claimed, the prize,

Which is the reward for working so hard

For driving yourself nearly mad.


Wisdom wells up in the soul

So the man who is responsible will

Well it to words with writing.

Well it to words, with writing, and withal, the wonderful wakes of imagination will tell

That the exercise of this is my secret to keep writing.

Fresh new stories about writer’s block,

It comes, and then comes the next epoch of my work.


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