To Muslims

Your god came from Sin.

Muhammad based his god on the

God of Zoroastrianism.

That God was influenced by the Jews.

The Jews who worship the God of Jacob,

Isaac and Abraham.


That God had the power to write Babylon’s destruction on the wall.

But, Muhammad made it another god that you worshiped.

If you want to get the idols out of your heart,

Then stop bowing down to an empty precept.


Because the Zoroasters were Cambyses the II’s

Response to the Monotheism of his father Cyrus,

Who conquered Babylon when Nebunadarian raised Sin

Above the pantheons.


Cyrus who freed the Jews,

And who worshiped the God of the Jews,

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


The God of Abraham is el,

Given to him as a name by Melchizedek.

When the heir was passed to Isaac,

It was then given to them as a covenant to the LORD.

But Muhammad stripped the Covenant of Isaac and Jacob from his people

Meaning that he still worshiped el,

Who is Allah,

Who is Baal.

The Covenant which held the Messiah’s seed

Was given to Isaac, and Jacob;

To strip them from the Covenant

Is to strip Christ from salvation

And worship a false, and also not living god.

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