Why I Am Angry; Only A Patriot Would Say It.

Here is the whole list of why I’m angry.


  1. The United States is a fraud.

You cannot make a living off of what you want.

You can, as a matter of course,

Make a living off of what very rich people are selling.


2. If you spend hours of labor doing something,

The United States says that such work will be rewarded.

But it is not.


3. The United States also says that Speech is Free.

Just today I was harassed

By people trying to trick me into believing it is March or April

Because I have said some inconvenient truths.


4. The Government gets away with murder

For no aims but its own.

It will arbitrarily kill, spy on, and investigate innocent people

For nothing they did wrong;


5. Simply, having an IQ of 157 is enough to get you on a Government watch list

And also being curious.


6. Christians laud the government like it’s the New Zion.

7. They defend it, they vote in officials who send us to war,

8. They scorn fiscal policies that would help the poor.

9. They, in all their gratitude, will kick homeless off of their stoops

10. Tell people they are not allowed to exercise their rights outside of their building,

11. They will call the police on people for saying Jesus in a different language,

12. They will exclude you when you are poor.

13. What’s more, Protestants hate the Catholics.

14. The Pope is wicked.

These things I cannot stand.

Protestants should love our Catholic Brethren

And the Pope should be elected based on his merit;

15. Not his ability to solicit converts through indulging in their sins.


16. I’m angry that we need minimum wages.

17. I am angry that work is all an American lives for

18. And they do not get to have off their holidays or weekends.


19. I am angry at the false conviction rate of the United States

20. That people can be perpetually investigated for nothing.


This is twenty things, and I could go on to 99 if I wanted to.

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