Not just I, but many people

Are worried about this democracy.

Elizabeth Warren could be our first female president.

She’d be a pretty darn good one, too.


As it stands, Pete Buttigieg

Who nobody knows,

Nobody’s heard of…

I saw him in the debates,

And he was wormy…


He wins the Iowa caucus with 26% of the vote.

Warren comes in third.

A socialist comes in second.


Oh, laud him if you will,

These educated voters voted for him

Because he’s Gay and has “Butt” in his name.

As, this is the qualities of a president we want.


Meanwhile, Trump is in office.

He’s looking better every day.

Whatever nonsense is happening,

I don’t think it’s him.

Rather, he said, “I respect all life,”

I hope he does, and stops what I fear is happening.


I petition my president,

But know I don’t want him in office.

I want Lizzy Warren in office;


Because she’s right for the country.

But with Trump,

Since its inevitable that if Buttigieg won

I would assume Americans would vote for Trump in a landslide,


I know the problems in America are ancient.

I don’t blame Trump for the problems…

I know the problems exist…

But, Mr. President, stop them.

Fulfill your promise,

Because I assure you it is happening.


But, I will vote for Elizabeth.

I will vote in the caucus,

I will use my right to do what every responsible American should.


Do I despise Trump?



Do I truly believe what I’ve said?


The reason why is because I have a good primary education.


I worry for this country because the qualifications to run it

Are to have “Butt” in your name, and be openly gay.

This is why…

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