One of the things I’ve noticed

Is that if everyone were to pick up an old book

Their misconceptions about today’s specialness would go away.

They’d realize two things.

What’s changed is people’s information,

And how they access it.


It amazes me how two years worth of Facebook radicalized the population

While two years worth of reading Tolstoy and Shakespeare had deradicalized me.

Because in books there is vetted information,

Vetted by time and distance.

Where, we can see similar problems emerge in previous generations,

And how they dealt with it always seemed to be the same.

Wars, and rumors of wars.

But, we can certainly realize a special fact that people were a lot more civilized

About their conceptions.

It used to be that Democracy was a radical opinion to uphold:

Greece was the sum of perfection to the intellectual mind.

Now, the intellectuals have Greece in all her splendor

And want to replace it with Babylon.


It amazes me, but at least in this generation I get to understand it.

Which, my arcane notions of how the world work;

It proves itself to work.

I make predictions, and they often come true.

Take away my ability to understand how the world worked

I suppose I would be a radical like Robespierre.

But, this opiate of understanding is a good one

To appease people like me,

Because now that I can freely understand what has gone so wrong,

I still fear it, I dread it,

But I do not feel like I have to fight over it.

It is that line where a Democracy must fight,

Must take up arms.

When the people no longer can understand what is wrong with it.

When they claim, “There is nothing wrong,”

Meanwhile Caesar crosses the Rubicon.


And, how people crave a tyrant.

How responsible people crave a moderate.

I suppose that is how democracy ends,

As Padme Amidala had put it: With thunderous applause.

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