What offends a man is that Words can be heard.

We like to razor cut a word to its most precise meaning.

We like to then, since we cannot see it, nullify its meaning.

But, the word still exists, and it still has a meaning.

We operate on this principle every day.

That words have meaning,

Even those seemingly lost to the ether.

Those seemingly not found, or not understood,

Somewhere, if given enough time,

They will be understood.


If you read enough, you stop being an atheist.

The reason why is that you see,

Simply put,

Just how foolish Atheism is.


“Men cannot understand hard sentences,”

Says the atheist in literary studies.

But, alas, I do.

Somehow, postmodernism doesn’t exist

In my mind, that subjective interpretations are wrong.

I can, as a matter, imprint on a story what I will,

But Alice and Wonderland can easily be interpreted as nonsense.

We know it, because it communicates to us that it is nonsense,

Therefore, Postmodernists have one thing right:

Words do bring impulsive thoughts to our head.

But a good reader resists those thoughts,

And finds the clearly intended meaning.

That is how communication works.


“Men cannot know right from wrong, it’s only a matter of choice,”

Yet, if given enough thought, the fact remains that it is not a choice.

The atheist philosopher says this, but forgets the golden rule.

The philosophers who remember the Golden Rule

Are on a good track to becoming less Atheist,

Until their own conscience burdens them with a crime

And they no longer can be a Christian.

For they lose their faith because they wish

To continue in their crime. That is all.


I then study the much more profound moral truths,

Of what is. Not what I think it is.

What is, is that there is.

There is a clear meaning to every poem;

Even if that meaning is found in Postmodernism.

There is a meaning in Postmodernism.

There is, as it would turn out,

Wrong ways to interpret poems;

To go forward and read the poems

For what they mean to us.

That is the definition of crazy.

They, yes they, mean something.

We ought to find what they mean.


When Wordsworth apologized,

He apologized to a man like me.

One who lacked the concrete faith necessary

To move mountains,

But in his meekness found wisdom and charity.

Which, are more important than faith that can move mountains.


This is why Word is integral.

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