In Logic

In logic, “P” is a rule of inference.

This means, as it stands alone,

It can be reasoned true, therefore acceptable as a proof of validity.


Where my writing comes from,

Where my whole breadth of knowledge comes from,

Is thousands of “P”s…

Some moral and others extant.


If I had said “Green Day” is God’s favorite band,

I suppose I must have meant it.

The band could foresee the futures.

Are they God’s favorite band?

How am I supposed to know?

I truthfully don’t know.

But the fact is I might have said it in passing

To my brother;—

Someone might have heard it

And called me “apostate.”


I reason up to larger principles from established facts.

Green Day says the F word;

So did I.

Green Day is a little rowdy.

So am I.

Green Day is scathing and mourns.

So do I.

Green Day could predict tomorrow.

So could I.

I am not one who can judge them;—

I understand them.

Genius, with the ability to see into the future

To draw from it possibilities.

I understand that madness.


Their dystopian albums showing genocide

And religious wars;—

Their skepticism might be what the LORD Jehovah

Wants in the world.

A little more skepticism of our actions

Rather than our words.


We put too much emphasis on


When Green Day had gotten eleven of them wrong;

So have I.


We, Billy Joe and I,

See a lot of Ps and Qs.

We see the irony of how men live their lives

Allowing atrocities to be committed in the name of Religion.

We’re called Apostate for it.


Rather, I will not be skeptical of my religion.

I never saw Christians as an example of it.

Only Christ.

I would have that same advice for Billy Joe.

And should he be angry that God commanded wars,

I would tell him that was a time when man was supposed to create heaven;

Now, we are to let the world fail.


As, the woman caught in adultery is my “P”.

The sins of the Pharisees are my “Q”

Which were written in the ground as a testimony to their face.

It says that in the Old Testament.

It’s one of the hidden verses that appears to my eyes,

And often they do.

When I read it, I see often that man has censored the Bible

With opinions,

And sometimes I get glimpses into what it actually said.

How clear, even in the Hebrew, that Christ is Christ.

On that miracle, the miracle of good will and kindness,

Believe. As, a world without Christ is a world without kindness.

Slowly we edge toward that world,

Because men do not listen to their prophets.

Sometimes they wear black, and are themselves agnostic.

Other times they are like me, fanatical about their religion

To a point of self harm.

Either or, it is Christ Whose is the power to sustain

The good we love and cherish.

That same goodness that often we look back on

And wonder, “Where has it gone?”

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