Waco Texas

He thought himself to be Christ…

Claimed he was the “Fifth Angel.”

The Fifth Angel is not Christ.

So, his doctrine was false.


It was good that the tanks encroached.

It was good that the people were killed.

Why? Because Christians are not to disobey lawful authority.

We are not to fight.


Everything with regard to Waco is an example

Of what Christ did not want.

The Government wields the sword

And when it unsheathes, it unsheathes for good.



We Christians are to be martyred,

Have our possessions stolen,

Have ourselves put in prison,

And die; Not fight against authorities

Because this is not our kingdom.


Should our government turn upon us,

Let ourselves be killed.

For, our time is come, and they kill us

Because we will have no more pleasure on the earth.


It is wickedness that a government martyrs its Christians,

But the people who call themselves by Christ

Are to allow themselves to perish.

For, those who wield the sword

And kill with it must be killed by the sword.

We are not to fight in man’s wars.

We are not to get caught up in revolutions.


Let yourselves be a living sacrifice for Christ.

IF you shall die, die ministering the Gospel.

Do not resort to bloodshed, as that is a sin.

Satan will be judged.

The governments who have Christ’s blood on them

Will be judged. Let their own hand’s blood

Set them on fire.


We martyrs are kindling which set the world ablaze.

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