Christus Miraculous

In every man is a feral wolf.

A shadow.

Pure aggression.

Pure hatred.

Pure violence.

Pure lust.


When he is in our conscious

We have no reason to dream.

Rather, we act on his impulses

Making love with whomever we want.

Killing with words and insults.

Hide him, we begin to see the man we truly

Were, making love in our dreams

Killing, pillaging, destroying.


When, however, he is not hidden

When he is in our actions and daily lives,

We do not perceive what he is doing.

We do not know how rotten we truly are.

We say of ourselves, “I’m a good person.”

Meanwhile, we exclude others.

Meanwhile, we make unabashed love

To every sex organ that will allow us…

When we’ve truly shocked ourselves

We begin to make it a part of our personality

Insisting that we were born this way.

It is true… that we were born with this apparition.

This thing that will legalize every crime

So we get off Scot-free.


Soon, it becomes us.

Its fears, its impulses

Its resentment, the animal.

It writhes in our bones.

Feral, we live unhindered by every one of our wicked devices.


What does Christ do for us?

He chains this abomination,

And with enough prayer, fasting and love,

He casts the very thing into the sea.

That is what Christ offers his servants.

He removes this violence in us

And binds it first in our dreams.

Then, the cur unlooses,

And is killed—

He is killed on Christ’s body

And when Christ arises,

It is us, our new man.


That should be religion…

The removal of this animal in us.

If our genes are that of a homosexual

Murderer, rapist or adulterer,

That shadow will be thrown off

And renewed in Christ.

It is a miracle—

It is a transformation.

And, it is true that it can be healed.


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