Why I’m not mad at God

Is because it’s people who did this.


We want to believe we can be sinners

Without repercussion.

George Soros will stand to make a killing off this plague

Along with every other billionaire.

The stock markets will be tanked,

And billionaires will buy up all of the cheap shares.

Then, more will fall under their control.

They will make lots of money.


Say there really is a body piling up plague

That needs mass graves.

I highly doubt it, but let’s pretend like it’s so.

Then what?

Billionaires will still profit off of it.

The government will be destroyed as we know it

For into eternity, everyone will be traumatized

By it, and will never be able to allow themselves to get close to another human being



Which is why we deserve what’s happened.

During the Spanish Flu,

During the Black Plague

People got over it.

Yes, many people died,

But what do I have to fear?

I’m more afraid of my government pulling this trick

At every swine flu,

Every SARS outbreak,

Onto eternity,

With my grandmother stuck in a nursing home with no help

My brother laid off of work and down a couple thousand dollars of loan money

Which he spent to get his education.


Frankly, I’m disappointed in the whole thing,

And hope to God that if this is real

I fall on my face and die soon.

Because the political ramifications are going to echo on for a long time

As everyone will live in their little conceited bubble

Of worlds with sterilized drones

Flying in packages from Amazon

On Elon Musk’s rocket ships.

Then, everyone will be afraid to go outside

To talk to one another…

They call it “Social Distancing” right now.

To be honest, I hope I die,

And if I don’t, I will do everything I can to get infected with this disease

Living my life like it weren’t even around.

The reason why is that a world where this becomes normal

Is a world I do not want to live in.

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