Stages of Spiritual Development

Like Piaget’s cognitive development

There is a spiritual development.


It begins that the man or woman cannot understand good and evil.

Like the Child with the cognitive inability to perceive objects

Of equal weight in different forms

A man cannot, at the lowest stage of the development

Understand what is good or evil.


Then, after developing the sense of what is good and evil

The man or woman still has to process what forgiveness is.

They cannot, after perceiving evil or good

Understand the aspect of mercy or forgiveness.


After developing the sense of when it is right to forgive

The man or woman begins to instill a sense of God

Or higher authority. They cannot, at first

Perceive the higher authority, until they acquire the discernment to perceive it.


After finding God exists, the man or woman begins

To discover whether God loves them,

And begins to understand the nature of divine laws and consequences

Or if the God of the Universe is disinterested

Until they perceive that the higher authority interacts with man and does love them.


After perceiving that the higher authority interacts with man

And He does love them, they come to the recognition of the moral law

Which best fits that divine love.

And soon they perceive that it is Jesus.

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