O Sweet Child

O sweet child

I came to tell you a truth.

Many will listen to the song

That sounds much like the winds and reveries of us all.

For men want to hear their hearts pipe to them from the other hearts.


But, to draw into the deep darkness,

To pour out truth is far more fruitful.

For, when acceptable in the eyes of the LORD

The strong winds of the crowd

To whom we chaunt,

Err like Echo, and it chaunts back;

Understand it is not our reflection to choose

In the poesy we pluck…

Rather, it is the heart of another

And their wisdom.


Whom, though, yours grew dark,

I ask you, “Was it I?”

And if that answer is yes,

I am sorry.

The carnal mind is full of sweetness,

But we try our furnace,

And let the embers flow over our souls

To melt its dross.


Skim it with the instrument.

Set it free.

For your prior truths were far more precious to me.

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