Notes Handwritten in My Book

Notes handwritten in my book.
Angry I am that it must be the professor's
Instruction. Underline, map the rhymes scheme
A random thought---obviously too nuanced
For a student to write.

Then, as I read it, I hear about the writer's
Mom and dad, her brother
Her time farming.
I begin to understand that the book was not
Indeed, a professor's aimless notes
Being forced into a student's book.

No, they were studiously
Put there, engaging with the text.
Yet, there are only half a dozen poems
Why was not the whole book written with
Pencil, and such studious notes?

Suspect, the book ended up at the local store
And I purchased it.
With some stranger's notes
It is in my possession,
Where I will keep it,
And study it.

Partly, I wish that stranger's notes
Were written over the whole book
For it is a shame to see it go back to the store
Where I could buy it.
If every book, page to page,
Could be so studiously gleaned.

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