Refuting a Demagogue

The idiot said on national TV
Disparaging religion once again,
"It is religion that separates us
"And maligns the human spirit!
"If we just got rid of it, people would have peace."
His raging lunatics cry for a third of the earth to be lobotomized.

Oh, yes, I read how Prods and Papes
Hate each other in Ireland.
Eerily, I see a different truth.
How Blue and Red hate each other
In America,
And Democrat and Republican
Hate each other.
No... there is bitterness enough
To be expelled from a man's house
Should you consent to the wrong flash of insignia.

Or, shall I talk to these idiots
About race? How mobs burn down Manhattan 
Because of skin color
And stores are looted because of class struggles?

Really, maybe we ought to be adealistic.
Then, perhaps we'd have peace
But the idiots I referred to
Have managed to give Hitlerian mindset
To atheists, who assume themselves good atheists
Only, throw the unruly Jews--I mean Christians---
Into the Gas Chambers,.

Should I ever talk to that idiot
I don't think I could speak.
He's an excellent rhetorician
Who turns a news article about how Hitler was not a Catholic
And sources it in a debate
To prove that Hitler was.

Frankly, I'm about tired of it
But in that little microcosm I cannot understand---
Why do Catholics and Protestants hate each other?
I liken it to something that isn't religion---
It's just hate, and hate comes in many colors.

6 thoughts on “Refuting a Demagogue

  1. “The idiot said on national TV
    Disparaging religion once again,
    “It is religion that separates us
    “And maligns the human spirit!
    “If we just got rid of it, people would have peace.”
    His raging lunatics cry for a third of the earth to be lobotomized.”

    A whole third? Hmmm, that’s not what most theists claim about how many theists there are. Or are you just trying to pretend that only your particular version of your religion are the only “real” theists”.

    Few atheists make the claim above. We know better than to think that all hate would stop if religions were ended. We do know that it would help, since most if not all religions have to have an element of hate in them, a “them” for the “us” to insist are “evil”.

    I’ve read Mein Kampf. Funny how Hitler himself says he is a Catholic.


    1. I have no doubt Hitler claimed to be a Catholic in Mein Kompf. But, if you study Nazi philosophy, Hitler was not Catholic. There’s even a point in the holocaust where Hitler started having Catholics admitted to the Concentration Camps.

      It’s common knowledge that Nazis were burning bibles, and tearing down crucifixes. What someone does is more weighty than what they say. And what Hitler was trying to do was indoctrinate Germany in a myth of the Aryan Race. Which, Jesus was as much a part of that as Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

      If you take it into consideration what Nazis believed, they were not Catholics, except in the sense that they were establishing a Reich, or Third Roman Empire. Which is likely what Hitler meant by calling himself a Catholic.

      In fact, Hitler thought Christianity was servile, and weak. He, in the tradition of Nietzsche, elevated the Hellenistic ethics of honor, glory, conquest and power. Which are antithetical to Christian teaching.

      Considering you understand that Religion is not the source of all problems in the world, the poem likely doesn’t refer to you specifically. But I’ve talked to some highly educated people, at prestigious universities, who claim religion is a mental illness. And that is the kind of person I’m referring to, a person with prejudice themselves, demonstrating the very behavior they claim to refute in religion.

      So, in reference to the idiot in the poem, it’s common knowledge most New Atheists have a prejudice against Christianity. Maybe you’re not one of them, but that doesn’t account for the thousands of other people I’ve talked to.


      1. I have indeed studied Nazi philosophy (No you didn’t) and it matches quite nicely with the Christian ideas of killing those who don’t agree with you (Is that really Christian?). Like Christians do, they attack and often kill each other for not being “real” Christians (How, and when? Maybe five hundred years ago, but you obviously don’t understand the poem). History is full of those occasions, with Catholics and Protestants burning each other at the stake, etc (History’s full of lots of occasions of violence based on difference of beliefs, which is what the poem’s about.)

        Hmmm, we have the Pope sending emissaries to Nazi Germany and they were happily using the Nazi salute with no problem at all (And what about the Cathlics being sent to the concentration camp, or the rampant persecution of the church in Poland? And remember, there’s popular magazines that featured Hitler as man of the year. Everyone was deceived by fascism. I’m sure you would have been, too). As for it being “common knowledge” that the Nazis burned bible, not it is not (It is common knowledge. But you are too idealistic to accept that fact). They burned the Hebrew part of the bible, e.g. the OT, but there is no evidence that they were burning the Christian bible. We have in the Nazi’s own “Blacklist for Public Libraries and Commercial Lending Libraries” where it listed books to be destroyed as these (No, I’m pretty sure they burned Bibles. Have you ever seen one? You burn one book, it’s about 100% likely you’re also burning the other part, too.) All writings that ridicule, belittle or besmirch the Christian religion and its institution, faith in God, or other things that are holy to the healthy sentiments of the Volk. (What about the many admissions of Nazis planning to deChristianize Germany)?” The 1935 Die Bucherei also said to burn books on evolution “Writings of a philosophical and social nature whose content deals with the false scientific enlightenment of primitive Darwinism and Monism. (Considering you could only have an Aryan race with evolution, do you realize how stupid that sounds?)”

        Hitler was also indeed trying to spread the Aryan nonsense too (Yes, which is based in evolution. It’s a long standing historical fact). And nope, Hitler calling himself a Catholic was him calling himself a Roman Catholic, and not the lie you try to make that somehow the Roman Empire is what Hitler “really” meant when he said he was a Roman Catholic (Again, he called himself a catholic while murdering Catholics. What do you not understand about that?). What a hard fail that is. Now, did Hitler use Christianity too? Oh yes, and your god did nothing (He made the Americans win the war, didn’t He?). There would be little anti-semitism without Christianity and their nonsense of Jews killing a “messiah” (Considering most antisemitism is rooted these days in hatred of Christianity too, you’re completely wrong about that. Especially since every Evangelical praises Israel. Do you have any knowledge of Christianity post 1500ad?)

        It’s hilarious that you also think that Hellenistic aka Greek ethics are “honor glory, conquest, and power” (Lol, not even going to respond to this. Seriously? Hellenistic encompasses both Roman and Greek.) That might be Roman, but not so much Greek (It’s also Greek. Or have you never read the Iliad and Odyssey? Maybe the Olympics fail to come to mind.) Of course, we do know that Christians ideals were indeed honor, glory, conquest and power seeing how they went on Crusades for exactly that (Yeah, that’s what Jesus taught. “Blessed are the meek” That sounds so bent on glory and honor. Or, like so many atheists, do you know nothing about the Bible? I’d go with that bet. And the Crusades .You know nothing of them. Without them, you’d probably be living under some Sultan with only a hole for a toilet and maybe a ramshackle stick house. What’s more about the Crusades, is that those people were defending themselves. There was incursions from North Africa into Europe for centuries before the Crusades even happened. It seemed like any other territorial war, where people were fighting for their lives.) The Roman Catholic Church had no problem with those ideals at all (The Roman Catholic Church literally had no power. When it tried to exercise power that didn’t agree with the Princedoms, they’d martyr the Pope. Read a book once in a while, instead of trash internet propaganda). They went onto conquer the Americas, Africa, etc. All for the “glory of God” (Yeah, and life’s been pretty good because of it. Unless you want cannibalism and human sacrifice to be normal).

        I love that now you have to claim that you have no idea what the poem refers to (Because you don’t). “Likely doesn’t”? No, dear, it just mentions atheists spreads lies against them (Yes, you do spread lies against us. Your whole comment is severely uneducated). There is nothing to support your claims of talking to “highly educated people, at prestigious universities” (I talked to a professor at Liverpool University who wanted to write a book about how Christianity is a mental illness. I’m not going to dig up evidence of that. The fact you can’t believe it just shows how unwilling you are to cooperate in a discussion) and “thousands” of them nor that they claim that religion is a mental illness (I’ve talked to lots of atheists who believe that). Who are these people if you want to make that claim (Get with the program. I only heard it suggested seven times in the last two months). I’ll be happy to reach out to them to see if they believe this (Maybe you should).

        There is no “new atheism” (That’s literally the academic term for it), that is a nonsensical term if one reads what atheists have said before (Like the Nazis censored evolution? Right?). It doesn’t change. At best, atheists now may be less inclined to let theists lie about them (No, you just get your information off of websites that act like propaganda, and not actual researched books). And that does scare theists since a vocal atheist can show that no one needs them or their gods (What scares me is that you claim to study Nazi philosophy, but then say they rejected evolution. There could only be Nazism because of evolution, or does the “Aryan Race” The highest evolved race, mean nothing?).


      2. And of course you make false claims *again* and have yet to show that anything I’ve said is “factually inaccurate”.

        *A list of information showing what this user said was Factually Inaccurate. All from accredited sources and not online Jibjab.

        Click to access Darwinism-in-Nazi-Racial-Thought.pdf


      3. This is where the conversation ends. I’ve refuted every one of your points, but you’re a propagandist, not a scholar. My poem, if you’d care to read it, is about how people’s differences of beliefs is what leads them to get violent, and it has nothing to do with religion. And your atheism is just as dangerous as any religious belief.


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