Why I Know God Exists

There is love.
Though I'm angry and bitter,
Though I am undeserving,
Though wrath swells in my soul
While I write this...
Yes, I am angry at God.
But, God exists.

Job was angered at God.
It wasn't a sin.
As he sat sore covered,
His entire family killed.
His house ruined,
And only the nagging wife...
Job was furious
Asking God why he must suffer.

Those paragraphs in between the main chapters
Some people say, "Why would they be written?"
It is because many people have never suffered for doing right.
Immediately, everyone believes suffering is for bad men.
I've seen more worthy homeless men
In my life, than I've seen worthy rich men.
I've seen better people on the street,
And poor, than I've seen in business suits.
That is why I know God exists.
Something sweet has to exist for these people.
Some sweetness, some goodness,
Has to exist.

For man is given dominion over the Earth.
We, men, are the ones who rule this Earth,
With very little intervention by God.
God does not intervene often,
For "6“What is mankind that you are mindful of them,
    a son of man that you care for him?
You made them a little[a] lower than the angels;
    you crowned them with glory and honor
    and put everything under their feet.”

Men are given authority over the earth,
Because God subjected the Earth to man's domain.
It is why miracles seldom come.
It is why good is often made so low
And the righteous are brought low.
The pastor preaches posperity,
And it is enough to make me lose my faith.
Christ said nothing of prosperity.
Man gives and bestows prosperity,
And man takes it away.

For the poor man languishing in his heartache,
God will give him meat like the fowls of heaven,
But, God will not enrich a man.
Hard work enriches a man,
And sometimes hard work ends in failure.

For, there are men who preside over my prosperity
And it is "Line upon line,
"Here a little, there a little,"
Who steal from me burdens of wheat.
I see no hope, for I am languishing in my failure
And I see no way out.
For I haven't sinned to place myself in these bonds.
I had, as it were, told the truth.
And for the truth, Satan defies it.
By giving a little prosperity to wicked men
Just enough to eat at their hearts,
And destroy them when the trap comes.

As for me, Satan holds me down like a fettered
Prisoner, and man takes the key, and locks it.
God, God could stop it.
But, he will only stop it when He pleases.
And right now he does not please to do it.
For I am languishing, but am well fed.
I am sorrowful, but am filled with more good than many men.

There is a level at which I am at.
I can either turn bitter that my desires were frustrated.
Or, I can prophesy doom that never comes,
And never see the broken glass of warfare.
For if I speak it, Satan is obstinate to make me a liar.
So, as a liar, I spoke the truth, for Satan wishes to carry forth his plan.

By my voice, I rebuke princes and principalities.
By my voice. I am growing bitter for nothing good seems to come to me.
I am broken in an instant.
I am carried forth into shame and obscurity.
Yet, I know God exists, and He is good.
Because it is not God's domain, this earth.
It is our domain.
And man makes man rich
And man makes man poor.
And devils corrupt the rich
To throw insults at the poor.

For I am poor in spirit,
Though I am bitter to my roots.
I am bitter because my spirit is failing.
LORD, when will the threshing end?

The Demon Reality

Torrid, swells

The aquamarine aquatic, torpedoes

To the zealous fate of antlers

Bucking in the wood

Of jousting imbeciles

Wondering, nonsense is the word

To the arrows of squalor pits

In the southern sphere of the flat earther

Birther, certificates of divorce

Yet, reacquaint with me

For none know their murders

Their slanders

Their thefts.

All are murderous

To the wretched swells…

Thus, deeply laden is the sin

Which torpedoes to the crux of civilization.

Into the demon reality

Goes the weary mind

To the swells of the oceans felt

Yet, flee from the nonsense!

’tis only nonsense.

That is what it means

When Jesus washes away our sins.


The mermaids live in the yellow submarine

The giants in the plane beneath the earth;

To this yellow submarine

Goes our sin.

Wretched, redeemer Himself

Ran to us with blood soaked hands


Our spotted souls

Need only succumb.

Flesh rots, stunk up the carcass

Of our six hundred and sixty-six lies.

For money, for fame

To see the lands beneath our lands

In leviathan’s belly;

Torpedoes the soul

To the land of candy and answers

Where the childish souls

Seek to die. Oh how they seek to die

In a land of candy and answers

Where above that, say, is the heavens of heavens of.

I skipped to it, yet was freed.

By blood, soaked in the cloth of Turin

Where my heart was made and ripped into bands

Knowing the full breadth of sin

Could be laden on my

Time phased heart.

A thousand lives, a thousand lives

We live it, and are shifted.

The blood and water washed them all away.

The Builder

There was a man who was a great builder.

He was skilled in his craft.


He saw a river which needed a bridge

In order to be safely forded;

Therefore, he set to task

Building that bridge.


It was his only occupation for ten years,

And he lived off the fruit of other’s aid

Because he could neither afford to gain an income

For all his time was spent building the bridge

That was needed to get to the pastures on the other side.


The peoples became wroth with him,

Though, believing his work was for nothing

And therefore those who aided him

Wanted him to obtain employment

And therefore cease from building the bridge.

The shepherds told him to cease

His fathers told him to cease

His mothers, his friends, and his aunts and uncles

All told him to stop building the bridge.

For, they believed that the bridge was not worthy employment

And believed that the ten years were spent in vain.


It had happened that the man was finished with the bridge

But for spite, none of the peoples of the towns would use it.

For, they were haughty and said, “The man had not gained an income

“These past ten years, and spent his whole fortune

“On building a bridge. Therefore, none of us will use it

“For though the toll is affordable, we believe he ought to have been

“Employed by us, so we could exact his labor for nothing.”

Therefore, the peoples did not use the bridge

Because they had become jealous that he had finished what he set out to do

And secretly wished him to be like them

Working for unjust and unfair wages;

Therefore, they would not give him his wages.


It soon came to pass that a great flood of troubles was upon the land

Where the peoples needed to ford the river.

The peoples all saw the signs, great thunder clouds

Were amassing, and the clouds would return after the rains.

Therefore, the people were still haughty

And decided that in spite of the bridge being built

They would ford the river where it was shallow.

They got to the place, where though it was shallow normally

The rapids were so strong they could carry a horse away.

The peoples stubbornly said, “This bridge is not sacred,”

And, lo, the bridge was not sacred, this they were right.

But, the bridge was built when the waters were shallow

So the people could find safe pasture into the other lands.

The man, however, had crossed the ford with his wife and children

Safely, and there found pasture on the other side.

When the neighboring village saw him

They were astonished that only he had crossed—

For the other bank was high, and went up to mountain roads.

They said, “Had you not worked for ten years on this bridge?

“And had not the peoples of your own town been wise enough to cross it

“Instead of Fording the rivers? We surely would have taken the whole

“Of them, except bodies are washing ashore where they seemed to have crossed.”


That is this generation.

A man has his skilled work, but none want it and complain

That he is lazy.

God Bless America

This is the Way I actually sung it In Elementary School: It’s a Little Different, but I never would have known it. I always made up lyrics as I sung these songs.





God Bless America,

Land that I love;—


Stand beside her,

And guide her—

From the fight in the night—

From above.


From the mountains,

To the prairies,

To the oceans white with foam.


God Bless America,

My Home Sweet Home.

What the Tortoise Said to Achilles; My Version

After having a race,

In which the Tortoise won

Achilles sat beside the Tortoise

And began challenging him.


“How did you win?”

Asked Achilles.


The Tortoise said,

“Because God made things

“Men cannot understand.”


Achilles then said,

“How can there be a God?

“Like I can prove three equal lines make

“An equilateral triangle

“I can prove your God does not exist

“By proving the Fermentation of Species;

“Because, certainly your book is relegated to myth

“By proving the fermentation of species.”


The Tortoise said,

“Certainly, there are things

“That man cannot understand.

“There certainly is a God,

“For I am a tortoise,

“And have knowledge

“Of God being that I am so;

“I observed Him a few times

“In my life.”


Achilles then said,

“By Modus Ponen

“I can say that your God does not exist!

“Because if there is a fermentation of species

“It must follow that God does not exist.”


The Tortoise replied,

“I do not believe species fermenting proves

“My God does not exist.”


“Then, can you at least believe in Modus Ponen?”

Asked Achilles.


The Tortoise said,

“Alas! This argument again, Achilles!

“How many times shall I have to rebut it?

“For you lie all the time

“About my answer.

“You say I cannot accept Modus Ponen!

“Well, I do! But you forget Modus Tollens!

“Because there is a God

“It CANNOT be true

“That evolution proves He does not exist.”


To which, Achilles then posited again,

“But, can you believe that Modus Ponen exists?

“And therefore, Modus Ponen exists?”


The Tortoise,

This time,

Walked away because it was Achilles

Who did not understand logic.