What the Tortoise Said to Achilles; My Version

After having a race,

In which the Tortoise won

Achilles sat beside the Tortoise

And began challenging him.


“How did you win?”

Asked Achilles.


The Tortoise said,

“Because God made things

“Men cannot understand.”


Achilles then said,

“How can there be a God?

“Like I can prove three equal lines make

“An equilateral triangle

“I can prove your God does not exist

“By proving the Fermentation of Species;

“Because, certainly your book is relegated to myth

“By proving the fermentation of species.”


The Tortoise said,

“Certainly, there are things

“That man cannot understand.

“There certainly is a God,

“For I am a tortoise,

“And have knowledge

“Of God being that I am so;

“I observed Him a few times

“In my life.”


Achilles then said,

“By Modus Ponen

“I can say that your God does not exist!

“Because if there is a fermentation of species

“It must follow that God does not exist.”


The Tortoise replied,

“I do not believe species fermenting proves

“My God does not exist.”


“Then, can you at least believe in Modus Ponen?”

Asked Achilles.


The Tortoise said,

“Alas! This argument again, Achilles!

“How many times shall I have to rebut it?

“For you lie all the time

“About my answer.

“You say I cannot accept Modus Ponen!

“Well, I do! But you forget Modus Tollens!

“Because there is a God

“It CANNOT be true

“That evolution proves He does not exist.”


To which, Achilles then posited again,

“But, can you believe that Modus Ponen exists?

“And therefore, Modus Ponen exists?”


The Tortoise,

This time,

Walked away because it was Achilles

Who did not understand logic.

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