There was a daughter

Of a certain Prince,

Known as the Great Strong Bull.

His Daughter’s name was


Rosemonde, the blessed defender,

Loved her father with all she had.

She fought for him

Went to war for him

Yet knew nothing of his deep sin.

Rosemonde was fierce in loyalty to whomever she loved.

She gave her unwavering support.


Her father used her war to injure his enemies

And would send her out on divine mission

To use the daughter Rosemonde

To war up in chain-mail

And like that blessed Joan of Arc

Would win all wars.


She was an equal price to lose for victory

Yet, Rosemonde loved her father with all her heart.

To the wars, through the valleys, Rosemonde

Gave her father a wicked name;

Infamous with all bloodshed,

So they said, “Rosemonde comes

“For the Bull, to wage her bloody war.”


O! Rosemonda! Why do you shed your

Blood for unworthy sires!

One of the Thirteen!


The bull was soon to be deposed

By the warriors Tavid and Zelek.

The great company of Nethanim did fight

The Maobitess Rosemonde

And all her hordes; Those of the children

Of the Bull.


Rosemonde was beaten, and had nowhere to turn

Thus, she turned to religion for help.

She turned, and had gained favor with Judah’s King

Who heard of all her sins;

Who realized it was a wicked man

Whom she served all her life;—

Even her own beloved Father.


So, Rosemonde threw down her spun cloths of war

And surrendered to Christ for a time.

Yet, soon came the Priestess Zerah

Who claimed that only the language of the Jews

Would suffice in worship.

She claimed that men must have to preserve the law

In their hearts, and so abstain from meats

Abstain from drink;

Abstain from all things unlawful

Which also meant to kill.

Zerah, the Ethiopian Priestess

Was this leader, whose self-strength was the Law of Christ

To execute judgment upon the sinners.


She had many great warriors underground

The elvish sorts, who tinkered with flesh

To rise from the ground and depose

The “Evil Hegemony” of Judah.

For, Judah was “evil” for his dogmas

So she believed strongly in Ethiopia’s lies;—

The additions of the Hebrew Fables of Enoch

And Book of Jubilee.


She spent years formulating plots

And found Rosemonde to be a great warrior of renown

Who now murdered for Zerah,

The Queen of the Damned.


War bastioned near

As Zerah fought against all righteous governments.

For established authority was her aught enemy,

And what was not established,

This was the good which must needs rise up

With her hordes. So, guns and butter

They did store, for twenty aught years,

Planning their uprising.


Rosemonde and her hundreds of thousands

Of sisters camped with the Ethiopian Zerah

Waiting for the time to strike.

Yet, Rosemonde secretly planned to set her father free

And back on the throne

But Zerah wished to set herself there

Thinking she were good authority.


Thus, the army set its heels against Israel

And Judah, believing even itself to be Israel and Judah.

For, the mystery of the Jews must be complete—

They did say—

To make the Law published, and observed

So also to stone the sinners

And to kill because men had not observed their Sabbaths.

For, disobeying the Sabbath was punished by death

Thus, death the army of 1,000,000 were ready

To unleash ‘pon men;

For, it was Death that they secretly

Did the bidding, that very Death.


Zerah and Rosemonde laid their traps

Setting up ambushes against the peoples Israel.

For, this Synagogue of Satan waited

And crept, desiring man’s blood to pay

For their sins, but forgot the Man’s blood

Who had already paid for their sins.

For, they worshiped through the Sentence of the Law,

And through law, gave themselves license to kill.


Sprung up, the armies of the Elvish wos and Rosemonde’s sisters,

And Zerah’s Ethiopian hordes

Amassed a strong war against the Nations Judah

And Israel.


Oh, Rosemonde! Your deeds are worse

For loyalty!

And in your good heart

Has been tempted by love

To thwart even this!


Array yourselves for battle!


There, the battle lines stood in glimmering rows

The Ethiopian hordes possessed chariots

Three hundred.

War was brought to Judah’s plains

And in glimmering rows

Did the arrows fly from the million

Of Zerah’s army

With the Moabitess Rosemonde.


Yet, Judah’s men rushed in

With supremely smaller force

And did block their arrows

With shield and aided gusts.

The arrows all blew,

All over, for wind was an ally!

The elves in combat lines drew their swords

Yet were battered

By a smaller force of Nethanim

Whom one could slaughter

One-grands Ethiopian

With seventy swift blows.


The winds cracked

And the lightnings shod forth

From the stormy gale that hailed over

The mountains of Judah.

The King of Judah,

A man of double heart,

Did on this day have strong, Lion-Heart

As he on chariot dismounted

And crashed the steel of Silver Sting

Upon the swords of Zerah’s Ethiopians.

Broken the Damascene swords asunder

Asa slashed the belly of blackened Ethiopians

With sword. The Whitened Moabites

He did bash over the head, and split twain.

Their blood ran thick on the battle ground.

Their arrows were pierced by winds.

The lightenings and thunders frightened their chariots’

Horses, for it was fierce thunder the likes of which

The great war horses had never seen

For they now knew it angered the LORD to battle!

So, they ran through their own ranks,

Uncontrolled, striking down the Moabite and the Ethiopian.

Zerah and Rosemonde were slaughtered

Before the faces of Judah

In bloody bands and bloody strings.


The word reached that Red Bull

That his daughter was slain.

Not for pity, but for cunning

He now forged a war against Israel.

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