All the Reasons I Could Go To Hell

Just today,

I woke up late.

I watched a show

Where a man put leeches on his eyeballs;

Just two seconds of it.

I have holes in all my clothes.


Just yesterday,

I woke up late.

I didn’t mow the lawn.

I got cranky with a local clerk.

I thought someone had stolen from me when he didn’t.


Just two days ago,

I woke up late.

I back-talked my dad.

I accused a friend in my heart of a grievous sin.

I was afraid.


Just three days ago,

I woke up late.

I was suspicious about my friend.

I back talked my dad.

I was angry.

I talked nonsense.

I said things that weren’t true.

I didn’t speak the truth in my heart.

I was afraid.


Just four days ago,

I woke up late,

When I was praying, I asked for something that was not good.

I feared something that did not happen.

I was angry.

I let myself get confused.

I argued with my brother.

I provoked arguments with people.

I had strife and bitterness.


This is the last four days.

Any one of these is worthy of going to hell.

This was the extent of my sin those four days

The whole of it,

Yet, any one of those

Could be the reason I go to hell.

This is why I need Jesus;

Because he wipes the slate clean

So I can still live,

And try to be the best person I can.

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