The Demon Reality

Torrid, swells

The aquamarine aquatic, torpedoes

To the zealous fate of antlers

Bucking in the wood

Of jousting imbeciles

Wondering, nonsense is the word

To the arrows of squalor pits

In the southern sphere of the flat earther

Birther, certificates of divorce

Yet, reacquaint with me

For none know their murders

Their slanders

Their thefts.

All are murderous

To the wretched swells…

Thus, deeply laden is the sin

Which torpedoes to the crux of civilization.

Into the demon reality

Goes the weary mind

To the swells of the oceans felt

Yet, flee from the nonsense!

’tis only nonsense.

That is what it means

When Jesus washes away our sins.


The mermaids live in the yellow submarine

The giants in the plane beneath the earth;

To this yellow submarine

Goes our sin.

Wretched, redeemer Himself

Ran to us with blood soaked hands


Our spotted souls

Need only succumb.

Flesh rots, stunk up the carcass

Of our six hundred and sixty-six lies.

For money, for fame

To see the lands beneath our lands

In leviathan’s belly;

Torpedoes the soul

To the land of candy and answers

Where the childish souls

Seek to die. Oh how they seek to die

In a land of candy and answers

Where above that, say, is the heavens of heavens of.

I skipped to it, yet was freed.

By blood, soaked in the cloth of Turin

Where my heart was made and ripped into bands

Knowing the full breadth of sin

Could be laden on my

Time phased heart.

A thousand lives, a thousand lives

We live it, and are shifted.

The blood and water washed them all away.

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