Two Men

There were two men.


The first, a lot of what he predicted was wrong

But he did what God told him to do.

He’d say, “On this date, this would happen.”

And it didn’t happen on that date.

It, rather, happened, if it happened, a lot longer.

He, making one thousand shekels a month,

Gave twenty-thousand shekels to the poor.

He healed the lame with his words

And comforted them.

He spoke what was wise

Though he got his predictions wrong.

He also condemned the sinners with his words

Though he did not judge them

The sinners felt condemned when he spoke

Therefore, they hated him.


The second man, every word he predicted came true.

He didn’t do what God told him to do.

He would say, “On this day, this will happen.”

And it would.

He, making two billion shekels a month

Gave none of it to the poor.

He would tell the sinners, “God loves you”

But would not correct them to their face,

But it made them feel secure.

He would hug the sinners,

And make them feel very happy about themselves.

He never told anyone that they were wrong,

But rather, everyone was right because he was a murderer

And he didn’t want to accuse others for his own sin.

Every sinner felt like they were saved

Though they had great sin,

And they were comforted by this word,

“A mass murderer, if on his death bed

“Confessed Christ, he will go to heaven.”

So, they all committed murder

Believing their final confession would save them.


Which is the prophet?



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