God Made A Good Earth; Men Just Abused It

The pleasure of sex

Brings a child.

That child grows

Under your thumb

And becomes like a half of you

And a half of the person you had sex with

That beautiful pleasure.


Then there is work.

You build a garden

An alcove


Pleasant houses;

You trade precious stones

With each other

To get things that will enrich you.

You work to compile wisdom

And skill at your craft.

You build shoes,

Art, paintings


Wooden ducks and chess tables.


Then there is pleasant sunshine

There are animals,

There is a wellspring of life

And clouds and blue sky.

In that heat, you build.

In the cold, you cuddle up next to a fire

With your beloved, and children

Huddled there all winter

In a cocoon of love.


The rain comes, it smells good.

The bees pollinate the grass.

Flowers come in all different colors

There are words for different things.

Teals and greens

And fuchsias

And magnolias.


Men are born…

With some pain…

The baby comes into the earth crying

And that little thing

Grows to be a man or a woman.

That woman or man makes love

And the cycle repeats itself.

You, the next generation,

Build a life with those you love.


Why is there suffering?

Can you truly blame God?

He builds the Earth,

And like the fruit on the tree of good and evil

We pluck it.

It is there, so we pluck it.

We pluck it, and eat.

That is why there is suffering.

God says, “Do not do this

“Or you will suffer.”

And we do.

All the beautiful things above

God has given us.

Heaven will be wondrous

Because we will never have to sin again.

We will never sin, we will never sin

We will never sin, because we cannot.

That is what we hope for.

To be like Christ…

Unable to sin.


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