The Ox and the Bird

‘When I was young,

I had a mulberry tree outside my front porch.

I gleaned all of the fruit off the street

Then stood on the electric dispenser

And began taking them off the boughs of the tree.

We ended up with a bucket filled with mulberries.

We ate nearly an eighth of them.

The rest went to waste.

In life, we’re like this.

That is what the law means by saying,

‘”When you come across an egg

“In a tree, leave the mother.”


When at work,

People have to pay for their food.

The reason why is because of the former.

Yet, the scripture says,

“Do not muzzle the ox.”

That means it is lawful

To allow those who work for you

To eat your food for free.

It is unlawful to not allow them to eat your food for free.

Yet, because the former law is not observed

People are leery about observing the latter law.

Our economic situation is this:

“Muzzle the ox, take the mother.”

That is why all are burdened.


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