Why the FCC Will Regulate the Internet

As a business owner

If I express speech

That offends the

Heart, it is not

The right of Paul

To steal my voice.


HAM radio is

Licensed because

As a passeryonder told me

“It could interfere

“With Planes and



The Internet

Of course

Is a place of

Volatile speech

Which will


Therefore, because of

This, citizens interfere

With one another’s rights.


Theft, Identities stolen,

Illicit Crime,

Porn Bombs,

Frames for crime,

Dark Web.

The internet

Will have to

Be protected

To allow

Business like mine

To continue.


Not because

Of vain or

Offensive speech. No.

Because of



To go forward

We will probably

Have to purchase

Licenses to

Operate, like a

Car, since it

Is infrastructure

Necessary for

The modern day.


Freedom of

Speech is what we communicate

Through writing

And speech.

It is not,

Like HAM radio,

A right of the people.

Like medication is prescribed,

I think this is

A good analogy.

Because of the

Harm drug

Addiction has

On a society

Worse, is the

Man who can

Thwart public

Transit, hinder

Economic freedom,


And if not

Clear, we need

Paper, too…

It’s better

To pay bills

By mail

Than by Email.


The commerce

Needs to

Be protected

Personal property,


9th Amendment,

And most of all

Our interpersonal


Which is why

An issued handle

Will probably be necessary for

The internet.

If people

Are to have

Any wealth connected

To it, it needs done.


And, people should,

No, must be able to live

Life, if they chose,

Without it.

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