LORD My Enemies Cannot Win

LORD, establish the word of your servant.

Satisfy him with long life

With long life satisfy him

And peace.

Let him drink from his cisterns.

Let him win his war against his enemies.

His enemies are numerous,

LORD, surely you know this.

What has he done to incur the wrath of kings?

What has he done, LORD?

Has he spoken what was folly?

LORD, surely you know.

LORD my enemies attack from the east,

And from the west,

And from the north.

Surely, you shall be my defense.

LORD, why do you forsake me?

Why am I left in their hands?

LORD, why do they continually attack your servant

And set traps for him?

To. to drink from the wells of salvation

This was my request.

To have the simple pleasures of life

And yet they seek to torture your servant

And to bring him down to the grave.

LORD, do not let him prosper against your servant Israel.

For, I am a quivering rabbit in the brush.

I simply stand, and feed upon the lilies

And drink the waters of the wells.

LORD, look at my enemies.

How they haughtily scheme against me.

LORD they shall not prosper.

Burn them with my lips

Oh LORD, take them down to Sheol.

Have kings fall in indemnity

Over the safety of your anointed.

Yet You would not,

To be glorified, kings must die

And be destroyed, and your servant

Is the bait.

They perish, and altogether are like chaff

As your servant waits upon You for an answer.

Answer me from the winds,

And bring upon them swift judgment.

Tear down their bulwarks, LORD.

For I know their thoughts against me are for mischief.


Yet, I have this to say:

“They shall not prosper

“For you are my rook

“You are my castle.

‘LORD, who are they to spite the anointed of God

“And to refute the Cherubim?

“The word shall go out, I shall not see your wrath

“Yet the king of the North shall fall.

“Already there is one mightier than he

“Going into his kingdom.

“Hiss for the fly

“Bring forth the mighty wasp

“Array your chariots for battle,

“LORD, strong Chariots

“For now is the time for the king to falter.

“As he has done to this prophet, let it be done doubly to him.

“For I shall not be silent,

“But shall, as the prophecy command

“Fight on behalf of the South for my own safety,

“LORD, that I can bring the little ones to Christ.

“So I can taste the riches of salvation.

“LORD, Jeremiah has prophesied on my behalf,

“My foot has stomped seventy time seven times

“In mighty praise of you

“In the presence of men who sought to seek my life.

“Let Babylon be forsaken

“And the king of fortresses stricken from this land of Moab.

“LORD, the little peoples are stirred in his kingdom soon,

“For I have heard it.

“One mightier than him in magic goes to the land

“With one even mightier than he.

“LORD, this king of the north is a sly dog

“But the ones who go into his kingdom

“Are even greater,

“Enemies too wicked for even me.


“LORD precious is the blood of your servant

“And precious is my life in your hand.

“Give it to me as a booty, as promised

“And give me the delight of kings

“She who is like a snow in Zalmun.

“I shall be satisfied by her,

“As the northern king falls

“Like a stubborn ass he continually assails your prophets.

“Now… he has left his kingdom without its ruler

“And seeks me, your very servant.

“Yet, great spoil awaits the one

“Who has assailed him.

“The one who is greater in wickedness than even this king.

“One who hates me with fervent hatred

“Because I was his beloved friend

“Yet would not conquer the kingdoms with him.

“LORD, let it be known…

“Great floods await that nation

“Which despairs your pophets Israel.

“LORD, assail them, divide their tongues.

“Let your precious one escape.”

Yet You would not.

So, therefore, kings indemnity shall they fall

And your servant is safe,

Yet why does he still pine?

Did he not stomp his feet like the kings

Only so many times as to beat back Babylon to even

Silly victories?

Yet You would not.


So here is the Word unto this prophet:

“Cease maligning the king!”

Yet I would not.

So, here is the new word to this prophet:

“By your words you will be destroyed.”

Yet these were my own.

The true word to this prophet was this:

“Well done good and faithful servant.

“Wicked were your enemies, and they have fallen by their greed.

“You have trapped them, yes, even you.

“For they had thought you forsaken.”


Yet, I cry out to my King, “LORD I am unworthy to even unlatch your sandal!


Great shall be my reward.

Wait upon the LORD, for Israel has fallen by his great iniquity

But he shall arise.

Who is this who maligns him?

Great kings of the north,

And where does Israel’s help come from?


Certainly, LORD you will establish this prophet’s words

Over whores and robbers.

So much more over kings who are not right

And seek to malign the covenant of God.

“Sleep, eat, be merry, for tomorrow you die”

This is the words of the kings to this prophet

For surely he has cursed me.

Yet, here is my blessing on him:

“Cease from maligning the prophets of God

“And I shall not let you fall.”

Yet he would not.

Thus, one greatly to be feared has entered into the kingdom

Will you see it?

You will not.

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