Salt is Good…; A Nursery Rhyme

Salt is good…

So is cream,

Slow cook a recipe instead.


Use some butter,

Margarine another,

Vegetable spreads are good for breads.


Olive Oil makes good dressings…

And Lemon juice makes a tang…

Try new things, if not bad

But remember!

Don’t let it go to your head!


For I tinker, and I experiment

But it’s only to find a fine art…

Art is not what’s new and bold

But what’s been the best from the start.


There are things we have eaten

Since we were little girls and lads

Which our grandparents and theirs have eaten

So put in its place a fad.


Yes, a candy of a different sort

Will taste good at a One Night Stand.

But every night to eat that thing

A chocolate bar looks pretty grand.


For food is good,

And so is to make

A new thing never been done…

But consider if it were really good

It would already be tried by someone!


Life is not what’s new and creative

But finding the truth for you.

For what is truth can be creative

But it’s found because it’s called truth!


We can paint a dot and polka-dot

Those look good on a fashionable dress…

But on a canvas, heavens bless

I could have done that with a press.


No… not to say a white painted board

Cannot be worth a lot.

It’s just… someone who’s worked as hard as us

To earn from our living, we ought.

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