Majority Rule?

There once was a city,

With several sage men.


The city would elect

Them to office

Based on their wisdom and

Their craft.


One day,


The people wanted to

Govern themselves,

So they cast out those sage men,

And began governing by majorities.


Soon, a majority called

The Whitemen

Found that there was a minority called

The Blackmen,

And the Whitemen

Didn’t like them.


So, having the majority,

They elected that all

The Blackmen

Be enslaved,

Or otherwise killed.


The Blackmen

Tried to fight back,

But there was general silence

About their extermination


The Whitemen

Had the majority, and

Other men

Didn’t want to be

Who was exterminated next.


With regard,


Majority rule doesn’t make something true.

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