To, Athena; A Metaphor About Today’s Capitalism

A Metaphor About Today’s Capitalism:


I recognize who you are.

I know you’re not the only one causing problems.

Frankly, though,

In a vision, as you doddled your clone on your knees,

Teaching him things you shouldn’t have…

You said you should be put in jail.

You said everything you do is legal.


This isn’t entirely true.

There are not allowed to be Trusts

Under US economic policies.

Corporations are supposed to compete with one another.

They aren’t supposed to band into leagues.

For very good reason…

On that account, you’ve broken every Trust law there is.

On a second account,

Monopolies are illegal.

But, you end up owning both brands

The red and the blue…

Wouldn’t that be considered a monopoly?

At the very least an Oligopoly?


I understand the attack is twofold.

On one hand, we’re being attacked by North African dictators.

They own half of our media.

On the other hand,

You’re in league with them.

Just like Ephraim was in league with Assyria.

Two powerful kingdoms

Forging their alliances…

The Corporation

And the Dictator.


I see you’re not an idealist.

You’re a pragmatist.

But, so long as you know…

You told me the whole thing

Which I must have seen in a dream.


But, there are much bigger fish to fry.

If you’re Athena;— Moloch…

A Prince Thor;— Baal…

A king Allah;— Sin…

Then I suppose you should know

That there is a God of one peculiar nation

That you do not know.

His name is Jesus.

Not Homer Afon,

But the Living Christ.

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