The People’s Court of Judge Anthony

Drama in the court room.

All people want to know.

Who killed who?

Who shot who?

Who slit who’s throat?

With a camera in the court room

All people will be able to know.


How we can hear the emotional response

The victim on the stand.

The innocent man in the defendant’s chair

We’ll never know because the show had lots of fans.


The news will show the testimonies

The people will see the show…

Court rooms, justice

It’s all just for entertainment anymore.


We love to see the victim

Speak their sad, sad story.

The defendant is always guilty

Like the away team at the park.


But, for show, they always put him behind bars.

For our justice is a competition

To get the man behind bars.

Regardless, that you break the rules of the Bar.


You want your quota filled,

Irregardless to whether he committed the crime.

“Get that bad guy…”

But the investigation never takes the time.


There is the victim

On the chair singing their tune.

Most of the times they don’t even know;

And that defendant could one day be you.


You could be picked up off the street

For being in the wrong place.

The conviction could be based

On evidence that damns your fate.


Evidence, such as a little sliver of DNA.

You blew your nose on a hanky

And there it ended up near the scene.

Or, there’s a man trying to frame you

In order to get you back for some odd thing.


All that matters, is that the judge is always right.

Piously she sits there,

Seeing the defendant and the victim fight.

The victim, the victim, is always, always right.


It could be a false accusation

About rape or about a theft.

Maybe you had a one night stand

And we can all know now the rest.


Remember this, my friendly loves

The fact is so awfully grand…

In an age where the television is master

Our victims always win when they take the stand.


It’s no longer “Innocent until proven guilty…”

It is “Guilty until the gavel hits the grain.”

And the fact is everyone is guilty,

So, it is all going to end the same.


You raped a woman who had consensual sex…

According to Biblical laws it stands.

Pay the 500 dollars

But it is a capital offense in this land.


All of you, all of you,

Could be guilty of this crime.

A woman’s scorn berates you

Or you were a child, and didn’t lie.


TV courts, we all sympathize with the victims.

Because it’s easy, we all want to be.

But we’re all the flagrant felon,

That includes you, him, her, and even me.



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