Heaven’s Seasons

What if as frequently as you fed others

In Heaven, God would cook for you?


What if, the greatest you gave on earth

God would give to you?


What if every time you accompanied the prisoner

God, in heaven, would enter into your home?


What if, for every person you bestowed kindness

God would show a kindness to you?


What if heaven followed your life’s seasons,

And those seasons you “slipped,”

God would be elsewhere?


What if whenever the homeless found comfort in your house

God would give you room and board in his very mansion?


What if every good deed on earth

In heaven, God did equal the deed for you?


What if heaven has seasons

And for every kindness bestowed

On another human being

God bestowed an even greater kindness.

In our seasons, God gave us according to our seasons?


Like spring, winter and fall,—

Summer seasons,

The wet seasons,

Would be the seasons we gave to the homeless

Fed the widows,

The orphans

And showed kindness?


What if the least we could offer was lip service?

What if the least of kindness

Was “Sharing” the gospel?

What if the greatest was showing the gospel?

What if God didn’t want us to argue about whether He existed

But rather showed He existed

With our goodness here on earth?


What if this is what Christ meant by saying,

“Store up your treasure in heaven.”


What if every shekel you gave to the poor

Were worth a talent of gold in Christ’s kingdom?

What if, being very poor,

That same shekel were worth ten talents of gold?

What if, being the widow

Who put in her mite,

You received a thousand talents of gold,

And two thousand talents of copper?

And with this God would spend to build you a mansion?


What if by giving tents to the homeless

God would provide in your mansion

An entire corridor?

What if by giving a book,

You received a library?

What if by giving time

You received time with the Father himself?

Whose stew is better than even the heavenly food?


What if God’s greater servants

Would be your reward,

For living life with luke-warm kindness?

You would be approached by them

Much like one is approached by a Count

Instead of a Prince

Or a Marquis instead of a King?

What if there are some

Who spent an entire lifetime being good

Believing in Christ’s grace

And Grace Salvation

But did very little?

For those internal acts

God might send a Duke

Or a Viscount

Or a Baron.


But, those acts of kindness

The great feats which we accomplished

To help the poor, the homeless

The downtrodden,

What if Christ the King Himself

In the Flesh God gave Him

Or the very Father Himself

Came to your home

Each season at its season

For eternity, and for that season

He came?


Perhaps, this is a good way of looking at Works.

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