Dunning Kruger

Blade in his finger

He slashes all fools.—

The fool who did some miraculous thing

Like hit a golf ball

Which ricocheted thrice, into the hole, with a wild pull.

Can it be said that the fool was good at golf?

Rather, he did something once in a million’s lot.


Yea, meat comes in due season.

Does it not?

Is not all skill provided for by God?

The more we practice

The more we grow;

The more we’ve seen

The more we know.

I’ve seen a 120 Million Dollar Man

Strike twice with his lob.



I’ve seen Grandmasters beaten

Four games to seven.

I know Dunning Kruger

Are full of bad leaven.

For I’ve seen the greats

Beaten by the not so much.

I’ve seen novices which crush

The greatest with a smooth touch.

When a man strikes an endzone

With a perfect throw,

Consider, it is God who in good season

Will give him the goal.




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