My Final Poem

If I were writing the last poem I will ever write

I would say these things.


The first, I have lost my faith.

Not in Jesus.

Just in His church.


The second, I have lost my trust.

Not in faith

Just in our understandings.


The third, I have seen

God in the heavens

But I never saw it taught.


The fourth, I have stopped

Hating the Catholic church

Because they watch over me.


The fifth, I have stopped

Hating my Lutheran Upbringing

Because they taught me the core of the gospel.


The sixth, I have found

Baptists hold contemptible views

About the poor and needy.


The seventh, I have found

You can read the Bible every day

And still not know God.


The eighth, I have found

That people of other faiths

Have met God, and need to know His name.


The ninth, I have found

That Christians are Jews

And everyone else a gentile.


The tenth, I have found

Traditions often

Overshadow what any text will actually say.

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