The Earth and Twenty-Four Worlds

Jesus, on His throne,

Saw upon Earth Broom Crown New

Who sad, lonely,

Needed something edifying

With which to occupy

His troubled mind.

For like Tolkien—

Who had feasted on wordcraft—

By witness of great evil

Thoughts of disturbance were found

When evil first was tastdt.


Therefore, Jesus gave Broom his story

Of the Thirteen Kings,

And of the Nethanim

Who would do them battle.


All know of Milton’s Paradise Lost

Whom after the fall of Satan’s rebellion

The demons were sent to hell

And took the names of heathen abominations.

However, Thirteen captains were among them

Whom, sent to hell by Jesus,

Sought to return, and, therefore, spread the blood

Of mankind by making seas blood,

To make rains pour down blood,

And to turn the Earth into a bitter hell.


These were the Thirteen:



The thirteen led their war against


By working their way back onto the Earth

To, because of Jealousy,

Destroy the Sons of Adam.


For twenty-four worlds these thirteen had

Waged their wars, sending many to hell.

Gog, Magog, and Mammongog, so with the twenty-one others—

Lands of Giants beneathen

Our Earthen plane, where the circle of the earth hovers.

Each Earth was saved by Elijah when he came

Until the twenty-fifth,

Where The Word Himself had to come

To accomplish salvation for all mankind.


Men, woven through infinite orbs of light—

Each soul with infinite folkstems and infinite earths

Upon the one circle plane of the Earth—

Found themselves attacked by Giants

Of Gog, Magog, and Mammongog

All aught else of the Giants’ lands,

Leagued with the Thirteen Kings

And their hordes of Orcs, Skeletons, Elves, Fairies and Dragons.

These had created their own worlds

The plexes, upon plexes within the Galaxy Rings,

The lifeorbed currencies of Gog, Magog and Mammongog

From which came the Starflesh

And from which came aught wars upon the Earth.


Therefore, on this true Earth

Great heroes of mind are risen up in Broom Crown New’s

Fictional Stores— Great metaphors

To defeat the Thirteen,

And their hordes of wicked devices.


For the realms of the Twenty-four worlds

One enters is Aesthetic—

One of beauty at match with what is foul.

For created here in Broom’s Secondary Belief

Is a road map for others to follow;

To believe on Christ not because of wisdome

But because of beauty and chastity.

To arm the mind with the weapon of Belief

Against all science, math and vain notions of philosophy,

So that all mankind can know

What beauty is

And on what firm foundation Christ stands,

Who is established by the mere consistency of thought—

That one man can know what another man means

And what is his sense—

By this we know Christ lives

And that without Him,

There can no longer be what is beautiful.

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