What if there were an alien species

Who had religion?

The religion was fine,

It taught them how to get along right.

Say, there was also a primitive race

That was about like the Neanderthal

That never went extinct.

Say it would eat these creatures.


The aliens had an advanced moral law

Accompanied by beliefs

That kept them from doing what was morally wrong.

Then, say, one got too caught up in studying pheromones.

It discovered the ripe pleasure of the pheromones

The seemingly endless pleasures.

And, it decided that the religion they created

Suppressed the pheromones.

So, it systematically started wiping out the religion.

Because, to it, the religion was a thought that impeded

Their race.

Therefore, they began to systematically wipe out the religion

Along with their dumber, yet stronger, adversaries

From their little floating disk.


Down the line, they began to regulate thought

They began to regulate discussion.

It became a crime to speak

Because it could possibly convince someone,—

Unintentional, but unwanted by the alien society.

The mere fact of persuading

Was a crime, the mere attempt at persuasion was considered force.

Therefore, all talk was regulated.

For, ideas were like a cancer

So therefore, only the carnal mind

Could be legal.

Only the sanctioned and uniform ideas,

Formed by their social engineers,

Could survive.


It was a curious little thought.

Such a creature wouldn’t have come from anywhere

But hell.

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