Jesus said, “Isn’t it said

“In your law, that you are gods?”


I hate this scripture.

But, I understand what Jesus meant.


Men apply it to esoteric doctrines

Likening men to partakers in God’s creation.

Though, the term just means

Someone who knows right from wrong.


Strangely enough, we can be like gods.

We can build worlds.

We can envision, build and create

And work like God does.


What it does not mean

Is that we are God.

We can build a fish tank.

We can populate it.

We can poison it.

We can feed it.

We are not, however,

Their God.


We did not create their matter.

We did not give them their life.

We do not hold them together.


The best way to understand this verse,

The way Jesus intended it,

Was that there was an ecosystem

Of impoverished souls

Which men had built and were called to govern.

They instead didn’t.

Their actions were directly responsible for others’ poverty.


Jesus, by comparison,

Knew His actions were directly responsible

For how His people would behave.

Just like our actions are

Directly responsible

For how those who are dependent on us will behave.


Because there is one man

Who sets himself to either give or take

From another, men are gods.

God Himself,

When He came in the flesh,

Set His example

That those whom He was responsible for

He must now take upon His shoulders

And carry.


The way we, in our limited capabilities

Are to shoulder our cross

And to carry the small portion of men we can.

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