Sundry Meditations

A philosopher, I am not.

I am not really a skeptic of anything.

I do not make a good philosopher for that reason.


What philosophers toil about

I have neatly tied up in a little bow.

I think about other questions.

Questions that need answered

In my own mind

More desperately

Than whether we exist or not.



A little thought crosses my head

A little idea.

Writing is so strong a habit right now…

It just goes, rambles on into the night.

I guess it’s why I’m a writer.


While philosophers struggle with the moral

Question of whether morals exist…

I struggle with the question,

“How do people not know morals exist?”

While philosophers are certain about a triangle

My friend tells me they have five sides.

I laugh. No, a triangle has three sides.

But, I know he means the two faces

In addition to the three sides.

Because such things are unimportant to me

You see.

I see men struggling to understand whether the reality

They have in front of them actually exists.

It does.

To go any further, it seems like mental illness.


An even odder concern of mine

Is the little doubt I just had.

That doubt wasn’t present so long ago.

But, the God who is all things at once

And I the only subject…

I rebel against it.

Because there must be others like me

And sure enough, there are.


Snow is very beautiful.

And when I blaspheme,

I blaspheme an idol.

I blaspheme the idol

That says, “You’re the only one in existence.”

I blaspheme that.

I blaspheme the idol

That doesn’t want to lift a finger

And stop wrongdoing and suffering.

That Idol I blaspheme.

Why is there strife?

I do not know. But I know suffering must have an end

For a man like myself.

When it doesn’t, it ensconces me in the belief of God

Because I’m well acquainted with grief and heartache.

I blaspheme the god of America

Not the God of Christians.

I blaspheme the idol of the Muslims

Who says, “Bow down to this rock

“Follow our laws

“And in the next cycle

“Our religion will be true.”

Why? Because Jesus is a better God.

To destroy the wicked.

To uplift the righteous.

To give choice.

And one day, take that choice from us

Because it was too much of a burden to bear.


For, a good God doesn’t leave His creation

With free will for eternity.

Otherwise, what the False Prophet said to me is true.

That all men will, indeed, one day rebel and fall away from God.

This doesn’t comport with the promises in scripture.

Eternal life. That is life, without the ability to blaspheme.

That is life without the ability to sin.

To wipe away all tears and transgressions

Means that we no longer have the capability to sin.

Not that we become gods.

I blaspheme the God who would make His creation equal to Himself.

I want God, in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

One God, three entities.

I want we, His subjects

To have eternal rest

Like He promised.


Rightly, it is all I ask

Is that God follow through with His promises.

It is the God I worship

And that is Jesus

God’s Word made flesh.

God’s Word Come in the Flesh.

Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.


I blaspheme the god of the Atheists.

The one that says, “All men’s opinions

“Are equal, and no one can know.”

I blaspheme that god because it starved

Millions of my people.


The God I do not blaspheme

Is the One True God

Because He is real.

He is honorable.

He is filled with righteousness

Not to lay His burden on His creation.

Rather, that is the Sabbath,

To not take upon your shoulders the burden of God.

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