Of Theodore Marmaduke, Canto XII

Theodore Marmaduke, a Chamberlain    Chains of Judecca were sentence for his charge.

He was possessed by a perfect choirmaster,    Chosen by God to sing the strongest hymns.

The specter’s voice was perfect pitch     His notes were strong and savory.

His angelic instrument was his pipes     Which sung loud for the nations to hear.

He coveted the stories of Bromdun     To see is they could secure truth.

For no story was good to Marmaduke    Unless it could be made true.

So for fun he set the trap in motion      To make Bromdun’s stories true.

Yet, for metaphor they were,     But for meat of lucid metal, to touch

They were not lucid enough to touch     But rather were truths taught about covetousness

Or murder, or slander, or social ills     When strength would stir and tyrants would still

The populace. For Theodore Marmaduke      Sought to overthrow the Great King,

So with him Bromdun Kratz Nuewfer,     A titular prince with no crown, except one new.

The New Crown one given by Christ     For the worldly sorrows were corundum

To be cracked by the Diamond edge     Of grace’s devoted diadems.


Theodore Marmaduke loved the stories    Of Bromdun’s illustrious bow.

He was brilliant to make stories come to pass      Bright and marveled on the lookingglass.

Theodore Marmaduke could, in fact,      Find words to fill his lute’s forms,

To sing and write, for Theodore Marmaduke      Was wisest of the false gods.

Find not he did his sister’s sex     Nor found he and married her.

Rather, he was the hoary humph      Of a forgotten, ne’er to be hero.

He was not Chief among the saints,      Silly salvo, nor was he perfect in all chosen

Arts of man, to call wise and welcome     By the muses. For he worshiped the muses.

He did, in fact, play with his puppets      And made all men a part of his plans.

He promised Bromdun to prosper nothing     He rather promulgated through witchiness

A woeful regret. To cause Bromdun to speak,     Though it was not Bromdun who spoke.

For Theodore Marmaduke was a cur     Caught in his own web of callousness.


Bromdun thought it was to think otherwise    Yet, Theodore Marmaduke was thoroughly

Invested in idealizing and bearing to fruit    Bromdun’s inventions and ideas.

For secretly was Marmaduke captured by them,    Even the ones so called kitch.

Distant memories has Bromdun of these conversations     He knows not what caused

The false memories to appear,      If not the maligned marring of his masterwork

Did Marmaduke make war upon Bromdun’s     Strong stories, to mortify him

For Bromdun was weak,      So therefore made rubicund one day, and therefore wise.


The Great King found war on his shores     So therefore shod away from Bromdun.

Therefore, in this next book to begin,    Bromdun will bring to bear the battle

That Bromdun must wage with Theodore Marmaduke    And so stop the warsongs

Of his kingdom’s callous cares.    For war is what Bromdun sought to conquer

And not kingdoms.      His only wish was to conquer war.


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