A Simple Poem

A friend likened God to Santa Clause

Saying that a man ought to sit his son down

And tell that new man, “God doesn’t exist.”


It’d be like a parent sitting a child down

To a roast dinner, and saying to that boy,

“This isn’t really healthy, it just tastes good.”


To describe spirit to a man who won’t understand it

It’s like having in my possession a priceless diamond

But the buyer calls its Cubic Zirconia.


What a corrupt civilization that would be,

Too, for men to have in their possession

50 Carat diamonds, and the whole society claims, “It’s a fake.”


He doesn’t understand why God exists.

Why we need Him.

Because our God is our Spiritual food.


Why do you need Spiritual food?

Because you need it to be kind.

You need it to love unconditionally.


A man can point to the goodness inside himself

And say, “I made that.”

I will ask him, “Did you really?”


I know any offense against that man

Will be enough to lose that little bit

Of selfish love forever.

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