Morals of Christ

Talking on the internet today

The woman asked me a question.

“How do you know that the morals of Christ’s are morals?”

I stood puzzled, and then realized the brilliance of Euclid.

It is something that most philosophers have never had the pleasure of doing.

I did it first with a penny and a piece of string.

I found that the penny, which has a diameter about an inch

The string around its circumference is about 3.14.

I answered her the same way.

I know no other way of explaining it,

But, the fact remains that a brilliant mind had to create the algebra of

πd=C. It took a minute for me to understand how they invented pi.

They measured a circle’s circumference with a diameter of one.

Furthermore, I looked at Christ’s morals.

It might seem like a rote formula to most,

But, given the right mind—

And presuming it to be true because we all have a lot of faith in that little formula


It becomes clear that those are the right moral principles.


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