The Sheep Gate, in Hexameter

A man has found every moral there is, softly thinking strong forms

Of man’s greatest aspirations, lofty,—so found a god through them.

For, morals can be discovered by all, some like calculus solved

Ever so meticulously and long; others like addition

Were found by merely adding one plus one—that would be golden rules.

However, why is there only one name, which will save a man’s life?


Because one name, Jesus Christ, had found them, every moral we know

And had preached it to the whole of the earth, every moral we know.

Some say He borrowed from everyone else;—others that He was wrong.

Rightly, if He did borrow all morals;—how did He find them all?

He found war, and told all men not to fight; for He would fight for us.

He told men to obey authorities;—He told men when not to.

If there is not one name under heaven, then all our knowledge is

Scattered abroad in thousands of thinkers, whom we will never find.

This is why there is only one sheep’s gate;—yes, just one name that saves.

Because the smartest among us couldn’t, no they could not even

Figure the sum of half our moral truths;—thus, we must procure faith

In that humble LORD of the Sabbaoth—Jesus Christ is His name.

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