One of the reasons the enemy is so cruel

Is that he knows when men are wicked

God will send plagues for their evening gruel.

Thus, he further disheartens mankind

When men lose faith and trust in the lies

They have no rhyme or reason to know what has been done.

This plague we are suffering is from God the Father, Spirit and Son.


Thus, the enemy will use it to bray

And to say, “There is no God, for why would He send a plague?”

They, in eternal hatred and strife

Will say, “We had done everything we could to hide

“You during this wicked outbreak.”

However, there is a God, this proves it is so.

For men are being wicked, and God has here shown

That men were falling away from the faith.

My children, do not be, I say do not be afraid.


So when Antichrist is in power for aught

He will take advantage of every plague when God’s wroth.

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